Our Team Members

We know our people make the difference in who we are and what we do. We know they are here at Excel because they want to make a difference. They care about our clients and their missions. They care about the work they do. They care about each other.


We’d like to introduce them to you. Because we think they’re pretty awesome.


Emergency Management Specialist

I have been an emergency manager for over twenty years. I have activated for natural disasters, man-made disasters, complete shutdown of highway systems, active shooters, and SNOW (and by the way, snow in Northern Virginia deserves its own emergency management category!) I have supported local, state, and federal entities over the years and have enjoyed them all. I volunteer over 100 hours a year at a cage free cat rescue in Defiance, Ohio, and love every minute of it. I look forward to my time at Excel Technologies supporting its great clients and staff!

Senior Database Administrator

AKA: “The Engineer”

My years of database experience in various software fields, along with my Degrees Computer Science and Applications, help me guide clients through strategic initiatives and routine management of database administration. This breadth of experience has enabled me to provide successful management from smaller operations to larger databases. I am able to contribute my experience to application development which means success in creating better code to improve database performance.

Principal Software Engineer

AKA: “The Problem Solver

I am an engineer, and love solving problems.  I like the nimbleness of Excel and I think working here gives me the flexibility to solve problems creatively. I’m one of those people who don’t mind fixing the problems that are sometimes caused by inflexible processes – especially when those processes are substituted for experience. Making things better gives me a sense of accomplishment.

Oracle Database Administrator

Aka: “The Quiet Man”

What I do matters to me because it is what I enjoy doing, it’s a constant learning process as technology keeps evolving and it is also a rewarding career.

(Yes, he’s that brief in real life as well.)

Communications Specialist

I firmly believe that the core to good work is loving what you do, and I love communication. As a storyteller and collaborator, I’m always investigating how people connect to words, ideas, and each other. With my background in administration and outreach, I’ve found a niche in supporting and encouraging others in their everyday work. At Excel, I’m excited to have the opportunity to support, create, and motivate.

“Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.” –Albert Einstein.

Senior Resiliency Specialist

AKA: “The Science Geek”

I started my professional career in the federal government as a ‘geodesist’ – I had to look it up before I accepted the job at the then-Defense Mapping Agency. Several years later, I was handed a ‘Fortran’ book (yes, it was that long ago) and told I was now my division’s computer programmer and system administrator of the brand new ‘mini-computer’. This began my IT career. I spent 20+ years in the federal government, before moving to the private sector – where I continue to support the federal government! I have worked in AI, Cognitive Science, computer vision, adaptive technologies and most recently, resiliency, both organizational and natural.

I work in resiliency because (among other reasons) climate change is the defining challenge of human society. If we can’t survive on our own planet, there is no alternative. So far…

Software Developer

Aka: “The Investigator”

For reasons of purpose and passion, I do the work because I care about it. It brings enjoyment to seek work that will improve the world around me. The secret of success is not excess, but rather doing things that matter to me. The bonus is working on something that has an impact on the world.

Science & Technology Director

I’ve worked for a number of different companies throughout my career, from big to small, and Excel Technologies is the only company that I have ever thought of as home. The people are exceptional, the benefits are exceptional, and the environment is one of family and caring. I consider myself very fortunate and blessed to have the opportunity to do work that matters to the world around us, and I am extremely happy to do that work as a member of the Excel family.

Senior Software Developer

Aka “The Protector”

I grew up in a beautiful, fairly unpopulated area in North Central Idaho surrounded by mountains, rivers, creeks, wild land and all forms of wildlife. This area is nestled in the middle of National Forest, Wilderness, Native American reservations, and clear, clean water. Much of my childhood was spent living in logging camps in the undeveloped forest among wild bears, cougars, elk, moose, and every other living thing in wild Northern Idaho forests. It is a place that will never leave my soul. My love and respect for animals and nature is as deep as my love for life. For that reason, I support the protection of wildlife and wildlife habitat of all kinds.

It has been a goal of mine to work in some capacity that will allow me to assist in that protection of our natural environment, wildlife habitat and the animals that live there. I joined Excel Technologies to work on this project in part because I felt this is a job that allows me to reach that goal to some extent. With this work I can help to assist and protect the people that fight to save wildlife habitat, wild recreational areas, and areas hit by disasters of all sorts. I want others to know the wild as I have known it. Without these Protectors, that wouldn’t be possible.

Senior Software Developer

AKA: “The Professor”

I love nature and I am passionate about saving plants, animals and the ecosystem. Working for the Forest Service through Excel helps me fulfill my passion. I have been helped in my life on several occasions by emergency responders and I believe it is my responsibility to give back in any way I can. With my role, I get a chance to contribute to the work of people like smoke jumpers and emergency teams in a positive way. I wish to work at a place where I am part of a family and Excel makes me feel part of the family.

IT Resiliency Specialist

Aka: “The Renaissance Man”

I discovered the importance of customer service during my time at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in 1991 where I was part of a team pioneering Total Quality Management. We won the Malcom Baldridge Award that year and I was hooked on solving problems for people. In the late 90’s I changed career fields and dove into IT where I learned the fundamentals of networks and telecommunications. Turns out, working as a Help Desk Manager at one of the large beltway consultancy groups was a perfect blend of my love of technology and, most importantly, helping people. Plus, I’m an extrovert. So this makes me a different kind of “techie”, one who has the ability to translate technical jargon into friendly easy to understand terms.

It was when I was introduced into the Emergency Management/ Resiliency field in 2006 that I found my current career. I discovered I could put my expertise, personality and customer service skills to work in ways I’d never realized were possible and I blossomed. I now use those skills to help clients maintain the security posture and readiness of huge systems. All this from the small seed of customer service. Now I feel like a sprawling oak supporting a multitude of systems and applications across the Federal Civilian sector of the US Government, making an impact on both the users and system owners alike. In short, I do what I do because it makes a difference!

Principal Systems Engineer

AKA “The Wise One”

Famously humble, Paul left us with little choice but to tell you about him ourselves – so we will. He has spent most of his life serving our country, first in the Navy and then for the past 38 years as a Systems Engineer supporting, among other things, some of Excel’s most critical projects. We admire his professional skill, the commitment he brings to our clients, and his caring heart when it comes to the animals he lovingly cares for in his non-work hours.

Senior Software Engineer

AKA: “The Persistent Man”

Throughout my 20 years of experience I have taken on many challenges.  I started working as a IT support desk technician and administrator, then moving on to a graphic designer creating graphics for both print and for online.  For the past ten years I have evolved into a system developer working in Javascript and Domino Xpages.  Working on government projects I have a sense of duty in supporting the efforts that protect this country.  This sense of duty and pride came from my years of serving in the Navy.  With the completion of my BS in Computer Forensics I am looking forward to new challenges.

Principal Applications Developer

Growing up in rural, western Montana, hot summers always seemed to bring the possibility of wildfires. I remember one summer as a teenager that a fire was burning in the mountains near our house. A Forest Service ranger drove up and asked my dad if they could use our property as a base for refilling water for their helicopters and how much would he charge? My dad replied that he would not charge anything of course. It was good that they were there to protect our house and property as well. Behind the house is a field and a small pond, and just behind that is Rock Creek, a blue ribbon trout stream. They placed hoses around the house along with a water truck parked nearby to defend it if needed. Then near the pond they set up a small pool to fill from the pond from which they would refill the helicopter reservoirs. Due to the frequency of the refilling, they also ran a water line down to the creek and started filling the pool that way too. Helicopters started arriving about every 15 minutes it seemed; filling up, and taking off. It was quite an operation, and wouldn’t be the last time they did this. It would happen three more times over the years. So, that gave me an appreciation for the Forest Service and its role in Fire Management and I am happy to be back working on the FAM contract and supporting FEPMIS (Federal Excess Property Management Information System), an inventory system I co-wrote that tracks the use of excess equipment used for firefighting purposes.

Principal Systems Engineer

I’ve worked for several companies over my career from a small startup to large defense contractors, and I’m excited to be working for Excel. Not just be because of the new opportunities that open up, but because they are a company where people really do matter. I look forward to continuing my career growth in an environment where you can truly get to know everyone.

Project Manager

AKA: “The Fixer”

Doing what I do matters to me because in the end sitting on my can watching the grass grow really doesn’t accomplish much.  I read somewhere that it’s not things that are important but the people.  Well, they were mostly right.  It seems that most usually it’s the things that bring about the importance of people.  Being able to communicate with people to satisfy their needs— “things” all the while learning different dynamics and personalities has helped me grow in many ways.  Patience, wise-speaking, empathy, joy, and good old fashion satisfaction in knowing someone was helped just a little by our interaction is what matters to me.

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