As consumers we are taught to seek out a salesperson that knows their product inside and out; a salesperson that can tell you all of its features and benefits. At Excel, we do not sell products. We sell services and we want to change that way of thinking. Throughout all of our Service Areas, Excel remains technology neutral in an effort to ensure our customers get the right solution to meet their requirements. We want our customers to seek us out because our experts know IT, not just one piece of it.


Operations & Maintenance

The IT industry has created a world of “open the box, press a button, and wait for the magic” and that approach works in our homes and our schools so it will work in our businesses too. Right? Wrong!

System and Software Architecture and Engineering

How would you feel if you walked into a restaurant and were handed a blank menu? Confused because you do not understand? Scared because you do not know what you want? Angry because there are no choices?

Organizational Resiliency

Organizational resiliency is about one thing – being ready as an organization to survive whatever bad thing comes your way. From a bad news story to a nuclear blast. Anything that disrupts operations and breaks your ability to deliver your mission is bad.

Information Security

In recent years, dozens of businesses large and small have had to notify their customers of security breaches. Even our government is vulnerable to these attacks.

A Woman-Owned Small Business