Senior Software Developer

Aka “The Protector”

I grew up in a beautiful, fairly unpopulated area in North Central Idaho surrounded by mountains, rivers, creeks, wild land and all forms of wildlife. This area is nestled in the middle of National Forest, Wilderness, Native American reservations, and clear, clean water. Much of my childhood was spent living in logging camps in the undeveloped forest among wild bears, cougars, elk, moose, and every other living thing in wild Northern Idaho forests. It is a place that will never leave my soul. My love and respect for animals and nature is as deep as my love for life. For that reason, I support the protection of wildlife and wildlife habitat of all kinds.

It has been a goal of mine to work in some capacity that will allow me to assist in that protection of our natural environment, wildlife habitat and the animals that live there. I joined Excel Technologies to work on this project in part because I felt this is a job that allows me to reach that goal to some extent. With this work I can help to assist and protect the people that fight to save wildlife habitat, wild recreational areas, and areas hit by disasters of all sorts. I want others to know the wild as I have known it. Without these Protectors, that wouldn’t be possible.

A Woman-Owned Small Business