History of Excel

In 2003, Ren Jamieson, Roy Flowers, and Tom Biegel founded Excel Technologies as a boutique firm with one vision: support the National Security mission of our government. Through organizational changes and evolution, that mission stayed true and, underscored by its two primary principles, anchors the company today.


First, we are a company committed to serving the American people. We do this by supporting the work our government does on behalf of the nation. This is our focus.


Second, we insist on excellence in the work we deliver and our work speaks for us.

Even our name and logo serve as reminders to both principles. We are a company of people who Excel at what we do and our logo is inspired by the iconic flag of our nation. From the pantone of the red stripes and blue background to the red star that stands as a beacon reminding us of a youthful oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

The unexpected death of Roy Flowers in 2014 brought about an unplanned reorganization and the addition of Debra Yamanaka, a long-time friend and former colleague of all three founders. With 31 years of experience that included 17 in National Security and 14 in the Civilian sectors of the government, she brought a strong business operations background and experience in client delivery specific to technology and organizational resiliency. As a result, Excel’s service delivery expanded to a broader set of government clients.

In 2016, Ren sold controlling interest in the firm to Ms. Yamanaka and stepped into the role of Chief Financial Officer. This transition resulted in a new Excel, Woman-Owned Small Business, still focused on our original vision, supporting the National Security mission of our government, and dedicated to serving America with Excellence.

A Woman-Owned Small Business