Applications Development and Support

The Fire and Aviation Management program of US Forest Service manages teams deployed to some of the remotest areas of the US. These teams are actively engaged in the very heart of the Forest Service mission and that mission protects not only the natural resources of our country but, more importantly, it protects lives. We understand that because this mission is so important, even an outage of 15 minutes on one of the applications we support can have a significant impact on operations.


In supporting this client, Excel merges its technical capabilities and experience supporting mission critical applications with our expertise in resiliency – specifically emergency management. We understand 24/7/365(366) support and how to set up an infrastructure that supports a team spread across 48 states. In addition to providing key applications support, enhancement, and modernization to Fire and Aviation Management systems, Excel also provides the majority of the infrastructure across which we and our partners collaborate and share information. Not only is that infrastructure technical but in many ways it is also cultural. Our partnerships with other contractors and our client is something each of us delights in on a very personal level.


We know that one of the things that sets us apart from other service providers is the fact that our team of technologists have ready access to personnel within Excel who can explain key components of incident response, weather modelling, interagency interaction, and the roles each government department and agency plays in disaster response. Our team uses current technologies to enable tools used across the fire response communities, ensures the applications are properly administered and supported, and manages application releases with minimal operational impact. They are doing this with the ability to understand from a non-technology perspective the impact they have on the nation’s ability to protect some of our most precious resources.

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