Senior Resiliency Specialist

AKA: “The Science Geek”

I started my professional career in the federal government as a ‘geodesist’ – I had to look it up before I accepted the job at the then-Defense Mapping Agency. Several years later, I was handed a ‘Fortran’ book (yes, it was that long ago) and told I was now my division’s computer programmer and system administrator of the brand new ‘mini-computer’. This began my IT career. I spent 20+ years in the federal government, before moving to the private sector – where I continue to support the federal government! I have worked in AI, Cognitive Science, computer vision, adaptive technologies and most recently, resiliency, both organizational and natural.

I work in resiliency because (among other reasons) climate change is the defining challenge of human society. If we can’t survive on our own planet, there is no alternative. So far…

A Woman-Owned Small Business