We’re just going to put this out there:  we aren’t going to be the cheapest.  We believe it is irresponsible to put the security of government systems into the hands of anything less than actual cybersecurity experts who are as committed to protecting the American citizen as you are.  Not only should your systems be secure, but you should be able to measure and explain in real time where you are in your cybersecurity program.  You should expect and have flexible access to experts.  You should be able to rely on a team that wants to see you and your program succeed.  That’s Excel.  Oh, and we aren’t just about the “sexy stuff” when it comes to Cyber.  We’re a little bit addicted to seeing our clients implement a top-notch A&A program and we’ve been accused of obsessing over the documentation no one else likes to do.   We love to see our scorecard push your scorecard upward.

So give us a shout if you’re into:

  • Risk Management
  • Authorization and Assessment
  • Exercises
  • Education
  • Pen-testing

Excel Cybersecurity Capabilities Summary