Our Leadership

Debra Yamanaka

Chief Executive Officer

I am grateful to be at the helm of Excel Technologies as its CEO. The last 40 years have shaped my passion for technology and resilience, with a specific focus on organizational resilience and crisis management. Early in my career while in the Intelligence Community, I focused on advanced analytic and collaboration tools, as well as continuity of government. I’ve worked with clients throughout the National Security, Defense, Civilian, and Commercial sectors. I’m as comfortable discussing organizational transformational goals and modernization as I am monitoring bloom patterns in a pandemic. I love swapping war stories and have quite a few to share. I studied at the University of Virginia and remain a life-long, curiosity-based learner.

Since 2014, my almost constant companion has been Honor, my white shepherd/husky mix Service Dog. In 2022, we added Valor to what has become a remarkable team. Valor is a younger version of Honor with the same blend of breeds. Valor will follow in Honor’s paw steps. Functioning as a unified team, we understand – through experience and training – the challenges those in the Service Dog community face when navigating personal and professional landscapes.

I have an unwavering belief in the potential of humanity’s future, and this underpins Excel’s actions and focus on helping move our clients “Ever Upward.” In my personal life, I spend what little spare time I have with family and friends, pursuing numerous hobbies, camping, gaming, and being as close to salt water as possible.



Amy Norgren Salfi

Chief Strategy Officer

I am delighted to be serving as the Chief Strategy Officer at Excel Technologies. Excel is a top-notch small business that has earned its right to be larger, and I aim to spearhead our growth. I am energized by the people and capabilities I am discovering here. It is amazing to see such unwavering commitment to our remarkable clients.

I am a Jersey girl who migrated to Washington, DC, immediately after college to fulfill my desire to work with the federal government. I have been serving as an analyst, capture manager, program manager, and senior leader in the federal contracting space for more than three decades. I have been privileged to lead teams delivering services in environmental policy and regulation, government program management and implementation, emergency management, IT strategy, organizational management and modern software development. Most of my clients have been civilian agencies that protect our environment and serve as custodians of our natural resources. It is fulfilling to help government leaders implement new programs, transform stalled programs, and optimize technology solutions. My way of working is through inspired collaboration — bringing the best and the brightest together in unique ways to address our nation’s toughest challenges.

I have an undergraduate degree in Political Science/Policy from Dickinson College, an MA in Environmental and Natural Resource Policy from George Washington University, and an active PMP. I live in Bethesda with my husband and our cats. My two grown sons are talented musicians and artists. I am an avid lover of all types of music, an enthusiastic (though perhaps not skilled) singer, and an off-the-charts figure skating fan. Ask me about the many business lessons one can derive from the sport of figure skating, and you may be stuck talking to me for longer than you want.