For Our Community

Fairfax BEOC

If you’re a company passionate about building resilience in the world, like we are,  it only makes sense to start with your community.  So that’s what Excel did.  Partnering with Fairfax County government on a completely pro-bono basis we stood up the Fairfax County Business Emergency Operations Council.  Our purpose is to facilitate the sharing of information between the business community and the county government to better enable response and recovery from damage brought on by natural and man-made disruptions.  We’ve been joined by a number of other great companies across many business sectors in the county AND because we’re plugged in at the national and regional levels, we often have information before it hits the news – which is exactly what happened in the initials stages of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Membership is free and open to all organizations doing business in the county.

Camp Jamison

When Whitney Houston sang “Children are our Future” the truth of the lyrics resonated deeply with us.  Excel believes that our future is ultimately held in the hands of every child.  And yet far too many children in our country live in fear.  They go to bed hungry.  They experience violence.  In many cases, they don’t have access to opportunities that we take for granted.  At Excel, we believe that every child deserves a chance and for this reason we are sponsors of Camp Jamison – an organization that through a weeklong camp session in the Poconos introduces Inner City kids in Philadelphia to the possibility within themselves.  In that week they learn how to lead, how to peacefully resolve conflict, and that they have value.  They eat well and, for that one week, they feel safe.

In It Together

Excel has employees in 17 states across the US.  As the impact of COVID-19 spread across the country our employees felt the economic impact on their communities and watched as friends and neighbors struggled financially and emotionally.  In response, Excel established the “In It Together” bonus program.  Simply put – if an employee receiving an IIT eligible bonus committed to using 100% of those funds to help someone or an organization in their community the Excel would double the bonus value.  And that’s what we’ve done.  Our employees continue to amaze us with their creativity and generosity, and we couldn’t be more proud.

Veteran Mentorship

We have a special place in our hearts for those who are willing to put their lives on the line for this country and our ranks include a number of veterans.  When we learned about challenges many veterans face when they are about to end their service and enter the corporate workforce we accepted an invitation to join the ranks of American Corporate Partners volunteer mentors and we’ve been mentoring veterans ever since.   Our “one-off” specialization has been to help those with Service Dogs understand how to navigate professional situations with a dog at their side and to encourage them in the process.

A Woman-Owned Small Business