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Part 2 of 3 – Interview with Excel CEO Deb Yamanaka on STEM Camp

May 20,2024

Second in a 3-part series of an interview with Excel’s CEO, Deb Yamanaka


Deb Yamanaka

Q&A Interview – Excel CEO
FS STEM Camp with Idaho State University
June 10-14, 2024

May 5,2024

First in a 3-part series of an interview with Excel’s CEO, Deb Yamanaka.


You Are Not the Person You Were Yesterday

Apr 18,2024

I’ve got a rule: I don’t buy new hangers.


Backhanded Compliments

Mar 20,2024

When I got married in 1993, I wore an Edwardian style gown with a simple French lace overlay and a crown to ground matching French lace veil and train. It was, for the time, a simple dress and well suited to my personal style.


Did You Ask?

Mar 7,2024

Generally, I enjoy being part of conversations with women about their experiences as leaders and future leaders. I’m always curious about the advice we give each other and the generational views and perspectives that are shared.


Fashion Forward and the Heels that Bit Me

Feb 12,2024

In our post-pandemic world, companies continue to wrestle with whether or not to bring employees back into the office. There are great arguments for and against, and many of us have settled on a hybrid approach as sort of the best of both worlds – or at least a way to manage a lot of real employee issues we don’t really want to talk about.


Fearlessness as an Act of Defiance (the Eagle/Mouse poster)

Jan 28,2024

Sometimes choosing to defy expectations is the most authentic and fearless thing a person can do.


Eighty-Five Pounds of Honesty
(A Demanding Reason to Keep Breathing)

Jan 9,2024

I have two dogs. One has been my nearly constant companion for nine and a half years. In the early days he forced me up and out of my chair of busy and demanded that I, at a bare minimum, take him outside for a break. Thanks to early neutering (now not recommended for male dogs but back then he came that way), he topped out at 60 lbs. On a good day.


He Dreamed It, So He Built It

Jan 2,2024

I recently attended a conference aimed at leaders in both the government and GovCon (government contracting) sectors. It was held at the Hershey Lodge in Hershey PA. A lot of good things happened at that conference. But those are stories for another day. Back in my room I had the


Dreaming in Future – What Star Trek Warned Us About Artificial Intelligence

Dec 1,2023

In listening to a number of Star Trek actors talk about the importance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) limits as they picketed on the SAG-AFTRA strike lines, I was struck by the connection to a series that was tackling AI issues long before humanity had anything closely resembling V-Ger, the post-accident