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Dreaming in Future – What Star Trek Warned Us About Artificial Intelligence

Dec 1,2023

In listening to a number of Star Trek actors talk about the importance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) limits as they picketed on the SAG-AFTRA strike lines, I was struck by the connection to a series that was tackling AI issues long before humanity had anything closely resembling V-Ger, the post-accident


What Drives This CEO

Aug 3,2021

Recently an employee, offered the option to continue supporting a project he loved but doing so with another company or staying with us and tackling the unknown, sat down to talk to me about his decision to stay with us. I don’t think I’ll ever forget his words – at


Katherine Johnson

Feb 12,2020

Excel Technologies is proud to honor Katherine Johnson, an African-American mathematician whose calculations were critical to the success of crewed space flight.


Deb Yamanaka Couch Talk – 2

Jan 30,2020

Excel’s CEO continues her Couch Talk series about being CEO of a Woman-owned Small Business.


Bourbon and Swords

Jan 3,2020

As we enter into an exciting new year, Excel Technologies CEO Deb Yamanaka shares her thoughts about bourbon and swords.


Work from Home

Nov 8,2019

As we roll out this section of Excel’s newly revamped web presence, I wanted to talk with you about a trending work circumstance in the Federal support contractor community.  When I first got in this business in 1991 as a proposal coordinator, big, impressive office buildings were commonplace.  You know


Leading Forward

Aug 16,2017

Leading a company forward is tricky business.  You make what seems like hundreds of decisions a day, sometimes without realizing it, and with every decision there is the question “is this what is best for the company?”  Sometimes you feel like you are at the bow of the boat, hands


Casey and the Constitution

Feb 1,2017

I was a young woman in 1987 when the United States observed the bi-centennial of the signing of The Constitution of the United States of America. Four years earlier I had taken the oath to protect and defend it against “all enemies, foreign and domestic.” I’ll confess, I didn’t fully


Spock and the Furniture Catalog

Jul 8,2016

I’m nearly 3 months into my position as the Excel Technologies CEO and my desk is unexpectedly covered with floor plans and furniture catalogs.  Our lease is up in about six months or so and it turns out that the still healthy economy of Northern Virginia means that we aren’t



May 21,2016

My grandfather was a storyteller in the classic manner of a man raised in the Allegheny mountains. As a child I sat eagerly at his feet as he told incredible tales of coming face to face with bears in the woods, bad men being stopped by good townfolk, big snows,