Our Corporate Culture


Excel Technologies, LLC is a Woman-Owned Small Business made up of highly-skilled professionals committed to delivering leading-edge information and mission solutions. We are honored that our work is a vital element of a much larger mission which enables a free and democratic society. 

Excel Technologies values Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combination. We want to hire the best and the brightest, yes, but also the quirky, the creative, the people who say “Box? What box?” and inspire the rest of us to explore the world in ways we’d never imagined. 


Our employees are the strength of the company and enable our corporate success. We foster a culture that promotes leadership, creativity, agility, and excellence while challenging our employees with complex and rewarding engagements. We believe in the opportunity for both service and success, and we celebrate the ideals that make opportunity possible for all people, regardless of their race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or the political party they belong to. We believe that there is strength in diversity, that hate has no place here, and that being willing to speak up, and stand up, for others is innately what makes us awesome. 

Work Flexibility
We care about the work/life balance of our employees. Excel Technologies offers flexible work schedules and extensive telework/remote work opportunities to accommodate the needs of our employees and their families while still focused on customer service. Our crew works best when we work together.

Career Development
Excel Technologies invests in our employees’ professional development and career advancement. Our employees are flexible, adaptable, and willing to gain knowledge and learn new skills. We empower continuous development by providing tuition reimbursement, technical exchanges, career development seminars, certification preparation and exam fees, and online tutorials. Smart people are important; we’ll help you stay at the top of your game.

Community Leadership
Our employees are actively involved in volunteerism activities, and our company is committed to being an enthusiastic and impactful community partner. We are constantly engaging our team members on causes that support our corporate values and are meaningful to the community. Click here to read more about Excel activities in our communities.

Work Hard, Play Hard 

We hire the best, the most enthusiastic, the most creative. Join us in Excel Survivor or Star Trek cosplay or Technology Trivia Night!  Get to know your coworkers as human beings with job skills, but also with hobbies and interests and quirks.