Q&A Interview – Excel CEO
FS STEM Camp with Idaho State University
June 10-14, 2024

Deb Yamanaka

Q&A Interview – Excel CEO
FS STEM Camp with Idaho State University
June 10-14, 2024

We’re going…camping! Excel Technologies is bringing the world to the woods this summer along with the U.S. Forest Service and Idaho State University as a sponsor of STEM Camp. Excel recently had its communications team dialogue with the company’s chief executive as it looks toward a youth STEM Camp in Idaho June 10-14. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Camp has one goal: get young people excited about a future career in the sciences and bring the experts to their front door.


First in a 3-part series of an interview with Excel’s CEO, Deb Yamanaka


Q: Hi Deb! Excel is growing so fast with some big projects on deck, what made you decide to take on the STEM Camp and get involved?

Deb: When I was a child growing up, the local fire department introduced me to what would become a lifelong passion – getting help to people who were experiencing disaster. The fire trucks and ambulances had lifesaving technology that they carried on board and as a child this technology fascinated me.

In front of me in that firehouse was an actual example of what technology could do. Because of those firefighters that interest was sparked in me – that technology could be applied in a practical way that serves our communities. And I’ve never been happier than when I’m part of finding solutions that improve our national incident response.

This camp gives Excel an opportunity to show students HOW they can apply technologies in a way that serves their communities and paves the way for their own personal opportunities. And maybe this camp will have at least one student who ends up dedicating their life to saving others.


Q: That’s a big vision! How will it come to life?

Deb: We have three specially modified vehicles that are equipped with the necessary technology for response to crises and emergency incidents, all in a mobile setting. Student participants will experience the exciting potential of on-the-go communications and technology. This will be showcased by our subject matter experts who will teach the students many capabilities that one won’t find in a classroom or textbook.

Excel specializes in incident response, cybersecurity, organizational resiliency, transformation and modernization, and communications. We have specific scenarios that will require critical, real-time communications and first responder connectivity. We’ve been successfully carrying out tasks in these areas for years with the Forest Service and other clients.


Q: Wow, this seems like a big deal that Excel gets to participate! What are you most excited to see Excel bring to the table?

Deb: Well, there are lots of benefits actually. First, because we’re partnering with the Forest Service on this – meaning that we are each contributing to the success of this camp and the hopefully positive impact to the students – we get to show what public/private partnership can look like as a way of bringing resources together to support our communities.

Second, together we can show the art of the possible through creativity in a way that goes beyond the prescriptive approach often found in more traditional response planning.

Finally, we have a lot of enthusiasm for what we do and we’re hoping that our love of innovation shows that you can be “old” and still dream of a bright future.


{Please look for Part 2 due to be posted May 20th}


Deb Yamanaka is the Chief Executive Officer of Excel Technologies LLC. She has spent the last 40 years shaping her passion for technology, organizational resilience and crisis management. She has focused on advanced analytic and collaboration tools and continuity of government. She is as comfortable talking about transformational goals and modernization experience as she is monitoring bloom patterns in a pandemic. She attributes that to her work with the National Security, Defense, Civilian, and Commercial sectors.