Cyber Security Specialist

My career started after graduate school in 1992 as a network and PC hardware installer quickly progressing into network engineering, system administration, and systems engineering.  In 2004 started my long-term career in Information Assurance.  From the military side I enlisted in the Army Reserves in 1985 through today.  My military specialties include communications, field police, administrative and career counselor.

In the mid-2000’s, systems security was an emerging and untapped field with vast potential for those interested in standardized approaches to system assessment and accreditation.  I am excited to be a part of the Cybersecurity community as it continues to grow.  It is a challenging and constantly changing field providing continuous learning adventures in an ever evolving space.

As an Air Force dependent, I grew up in many locations but primarily in Europe. This laid the foundation for the traveling that I love to do.  My latest travel adventure was Belfast, Ireland (the troubles are no more).  My other hobbies include family, kayaking, gardening, and anything outdoors.

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