Cyber Security Specialist

Aka: “The Renaissance Man”

I discovered the importance of customer service during my time at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in 1991 where I was part of a team pioneering Total Quality Management. We won the Malcom Baldridge Award that year and I was hooked on solving problems for people. In the late 90’s I changed career fields and dove into IT where I learned the fundamentals of networks and telecommunications. Turns out, working as a Help Desk Manager at one of the large beltway consultancy groups was a perfect blend of my love of technology and, most importantly, helping people. Plus, I’m an extrovert. So this makes me a different kind of “techie”, one who has the ability to translate technical jargon into friendly easy to understand terms.

It was when I was introduced into the Emergency Management/ Resiliency field in 2006 that I found my current career. I discovered I could put my expertise, personality and customer service skills to work in ways I’d never realized were possible and I blossomed. I now use those skills to help clients maintain the security posture and readiness of huge systems. All this from the small seed of customer service. Now I feel like a sprawling oak supporting a multitude of systems and applications across the Federal Civilian sector of the US Government, making an impact on both the users and system owners alike. In short, I do what I do because it makes a difference!

A Woman-Owned Small Business